Odd Days Odd Daze

Today is just plain blah.. I feel like I am capable of passing out at anytime..Sooo sleepy...Zzzz
Wha? huh? oh yeah I am writing a blog.
I felt I slept okay last night a few bumps woke me but never the less I felt I slept okay...

I did have a weird dream...
I dreamed I was in some weird land I was passing this kingdom and saw a wanted sign for a giant that help a princess captured. I almost didn't go to her rescue, but the hero complex I have or something forced my hand, I almost couldn't defeat the giant, but a luck blow as he charged me incapacitated him.

Next thing I knew I was back in the kingdom mentioned earlier escorting the princess to her father. Next thing I knew he was saying I had to marry her.. What?!

It is law here he replied. Now this princess wasn't your run of the mill fairytale type, she was quite obese and not very attractive. Plus I had someone I loved back home. Images passed through my dream of saying good bye, passing by my true love and calling out to her but she could not hear me. The images were dark with a blue grey tint.

After the images passed I found myself staying in a nice house wed to the "princess" and her mother staying with us. Time passed and next thing I knew the house was falling a part eventually the house looked like a shack that was disguised to look like a nice house. I remember feeling lost and wondering what was going on.

Next scene I was in a twin sized bed and the princess was in a twin bed next to me, she handed me a bag with the words "Happily Ever After Pills" We both took one and laid down to sleep as we did a glass dome closed over each of us. I then woke up in real life.. Weird right?

Anyway I guess I had better get back to work


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