Changing of the Season

Another year has zipped by, one could almost miss the daily wonders life presents us every day. I believe time is a state of mind. Most of us either dwell in the past or race towards the future. Missing what they did not have or waiting for that next paycheck. I can say I am guilty of both, though I do not dwell so much as I reach out for what's next in life. Whether I am wanting the weekend to hurry up or yearning for my next goal. I am trying to slow down and take more in. I came to this state of mind due to some news I received earlier this fall. I just had to look back and think about all the stuff that has happened in my life. So many great changes, wonderful experiences and people who have shaped my life. I can't count out the bad experiences, because without them I would not have learned to make the decisions that led me up to this point. So I thank everyone for being who you are and being a part of my life.

Well, now for the exciting news: Kristen and I found out late October that we will be parents! Some of you already know, but now that we are nearing the end of the 1st trimester we are more secure in the joy that we will soon be parents. So there it is, I'm going to be a dad! This to me is the greatest thing that can happen to me.

Creating a new life, to teach it all I have learned, to show it all the wonders that are possible as well as to learn what this child has to teach me. For this I am learning to cherish every moment and slow down and live in the present. Yes, there are uncertainties and new challenges that will come with the responsibility of having a baby, but I welcome it all with open arms.

Kristen and I had our 1st prenatal visit on Dec 10th. The image to the top left is a sonogram of our baby at approximately 10 1/2 weeks. The due date could possibly be around the 5th of July. So far it appears healthy and so is Kristen, aside from some very frequent morning sickness and sleep loss. Rumor has it it will pass around the 14th week so she is ready for that. Kind of hard to cherish the present when you are not feeling well. It was an amazing sight to see the baby so small and growing within Kristen's womb. The experience was equaled by how Kristen's face glowed as it became more real to her. This is one smile I will never forget :) If I were not so captivated by the moment myself I would have snapped a pic on my phone to immortalize that smile.

Kristen has decided to have the baby at the Austin Area Birthing Center instead of the traditional hospital environment. Don't get me wrong, hospitals have their pluses, but I am happy with Kristen's decision and think it will be a great and natural experience. I am doing my best to make sure she has everything she needs; hopefully I am being successful, no complaints yet. At least none that I have picked up on anyway :) Keep an eye out if your interested and I will keep you posted on the changes here. Thanks for reading!


Donnine said…
Beautiful pic...that is awesome! So many journeys and joys you and your wife are about to experience.Parenting is much more fun as a team sport so I wish you both lots of strength to be a good team together. I loved that you noticed her expression when she saw the baby. Very insightful of you.
Rie said…
That IS wonderful news, William! All the best as you move forward into this new chapter. I think you will make a smashing dad. :)

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