Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

This weekend we finally got around to decorating our tree. At the same time I wondered what I could do for my animated Christmas card. I thought it would be fun if the tree would decorate itself. 185 photos later our tree now decorates its self :)least on screen. This may take some time to load depending on your connection speed, so if it seems to be slow go get a nice cup of hot chocolate, don't worry it won't play until you get back :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Past

Wanted to share some old flash Christmas cards/animations I did awhile ago. I wanted to create one this year but it has been quite busy so maybe next year unless I can get some free time this coming week before Xmas.

This is one I created in 2006 after I recently got Flash 8

After you click open move the mouse across the window

to stop this one, click replay

This one I did in 2005, this was also the 1st Christmas Kristen and I shared together. I did this on a school edition of Flash MX 2004

To get it to stop either refresh the screen or leave the blog. At the time I did not think to input a way to kill the sound.

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Changing of the Season

Another year has zipped by, one could almost miss the daily wonders life presents us every day. I believe time is a state of mind. Most of us either dwell in the past or race towards the future. Missing what they did not have or waiting for that next paycheck. I can say I am guilty of both, though I do not dwell so much as I reach out for what's next in life. Whether I am wanting the weekend to hurry up or yearning for my next goal. I am trying to slow down and take more in. I came to this state of mind due to some news I received earlier this fall. I just had to look back and think about all the stuff that has happened in my life. So many great changes, wonderful experiences and people who have shaped my life. I can't count out the bad experiences, because without them I would not have learned to make the decisions that led me up to this point. So I thank everyone for being who you are and being a part of my life.

Well, now for the exciting news: Kristen and I found out late October that we will be parents! Some of you already know, but now that we are nearing the end of the 1st trimester we are more secure in the joy that we will soon be parents. So there it is, I'm going to be a dad! This to me is the greatest thing that can happen to me.

Creating a new life, to teach it all I have learned, to show it all the wonders that are possible as well as to learn what this child has to teach me. For this I am learning to cherish every moment and slow down and live in the present. Yes, there are uncertainties and new challenges that will come with the responsibility of having a baby, but I welcome it all with open arms.

Kristen and I had our 1st prenatal visit on Dec 10th. The image to the top left is a sonogram of our baby at approximately 10 1/2 weeks. The due date could possibly be around the 5th of July. So far it appears healthy and so is Kristen, aside from some very frequent morning sickness and sleep loss. Rumor has it it will pass around the 14th week so she is ready for that. Kind of hard to cherish the present when you are not feeling well. It was an amazing sight to see the baby so small and growing within Kristen's womb. The experience was equaled by how Kristen's face glowed as it became more real to her. This is one smile I will never forget :) If I were not so captivated by the moment myself I would have snapped a pic on my phone to immortalize that smile.

Kristen has decided to have the baby at the Austin Area Birthing Center instead of the traditional hospital environment. Don't get me wrong, hospitals have their pluses, but I am happy with Kristen's decision and think it will be a great and natural experience. I am doing my best to make sure she has everything she needs; hopefully I am being successful, no complaints yet. At least none that I have picked up on anyway :) Keep an eye out if your interested and I will keep you posted on the changes here. Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sick n' tired of being sick n' tired

I have been sick for over a week, even now I still some what blech... I have not been sick in years, usually I will feel the beginning of bring sic but it fades with the day... But this is frustrating, makes me wonder what I am doing wrong that my body would allow itself to become ill.. I thought I have been doing things right. I have been eating better than I have in the past, taking vitamins and working out. Well I haven't worked out for the past week, it takes all I can just to get out of bed.

This is my first real day back at work and my first time out of the house since Thursday night.
I still feel like crap, but I have so much work to do it isn't funny.

Goes to show no matter how immune you think you are something out there will break your defenses.

Well here is another Dream one of three that I had last night:

It was discovered that demons thrived just as humans do here in a dimension parallel to our own. The barrier between the two worlds was thin enough the demons were able to influence ours, I was apart of an elite group called Angel, we found a away to strengthen the barrier between the two dimensions. We found that people in our universe with dark minds and capable of doing bad things, possessed a gate way to the demon world with in their souls. Each year during the equinox we gathered those souls to a central location and cast a ward to close the gateway. I was there to cast the ward I remember seeing into the minds of these people and seeing the demon presence, I felt it fad upon the completion of the ritual. The people were then returned to their homes.

It was short but I thought it interesting enough to post

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Odd Days Odd Daze

Today is just plain blah.. I feel like I am capable of passing out at anytime..Sooo sleepy...Zzzz
Wha? huh? oh yeah I am writing a blog.
I felt I slept okay last night a few bumps woke me but never the less I felt I slept okay...

I did have a weird dream...
I dreamed I was in some weird land I was passing this kingdom and saw a wanted sign for a giant that help a princess captured. I almost didn't go to her rescue, but the hero complex I have or something forced my hand, I almost couldn't defeat the giant, but a luck blow as he charged me incapacitated him.

Next thing I knew I was back in the kingdom mentioned earlier escorting the princess to her father. Next thing I knew he was saying I had to marry her.. What?!

It is law here he replied. Now this princess wasn't your run of the mill fairytale type, she was quite obese and not very attractive. Plus I had someone I loved back home. Images passed through my dream of saying good bye, passing by my true love and calling out to her but she could not hear me. The images were dark with a blue grey tint.

After the images passed I found myself staying in a nice house wed to the "princess" and her mother staying with us. Time passed and next thing I knew the house was falling a part eventually the house looked like a shack that was disguised to look like a nice house. I remember feeling lost and wondering what was going on.

Next scene I was in a twin sized bed and the princess was in a twin bed next to me, she handed me a bag with the words "Happily Ever After Pills" We both took one and laid down to sleep as we did a glass dome closed over each of us. I then woke up in real life.. Weird right?

Anyway I guess I had better get back to work

Monday, April 14, 2008

A new week

Ahh the weekend was chalk full of stuff, seemed like it went by too fast. Saturday we went to the gym, came home and went for a walk, followed by a much needed nap. That night we went to John and Carolin's house for a guild party. Was very interesting we reached uber nerd status as we introduced our selves s our character name instead of our real ones. Mainly because some of us have never met in real life before.

Sunday I sent most of the day cleaning the kitchen and doing yard work. I am feeling it today.. ugh...
I had a real strange dream, started out I was testing models for a new 3d gaming system. This game was the size of a room and the map was a holographic projection that came out of the floor. It was basically a strategy game similar to civilization.

at one point I came out and I went down stairs its an older house with warm lighting. Lots of wood tones. Down stairs a girl was sobbing so I went to investigate and apparently she had ruined a black skirt that she adored. I am not sure what was on it but it was white and puffy like shaving cream that had dried. I pulled out a pen and it was called magic eraser for erasing those hard to get stains and it was tough but it looked to be working.

Then my dog, Brianna from 4 or 5 years ago was in my dream, she passed away in real life and at one point due to living situation I almost had to give her up. Well in this dream I was having to give her up and I kept arguing to keep her, she was in my car but when I walked up to her she kept barking and snapping at me which she never did in real life.
I woke up feeling sad remembering her about 5 this morning, I don't know how long I tossed and turned but I fell back to sleep and was soon woken by my alarm

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahh Friday.. Sweet sweet Friday :)

Here it is Friday and I am so looking forward to this weekend. It has been a long busy weekend, I spent many hours looking into a computer screen designing a landing page for WeAreTeachers. I finally finished it this morning and made the requested edits.
I was sent a video today that was pretty nice, sometimes we have to remind ourselves what we have to to be grateful for.

This weekend looks to be fun, Saturday a friend of ours is throwing a big BBQ for the people in our guild in World of Warcraft. So plenty of good food, strong drinks and warm sun to make for a most fun time. I hope anyway :)

Last night Kristen and I went to see Kids in the Hall, she seemed to have fun so it was really nice. I didn't care much for the show though it a a few funny moments. I did how ever like going out to a live show, we don't do it that so much so it was a treat.

Anyway guess thats it for now, c'ya next week

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Week End

Last week was a little crazy, not only was it busy at work, but after work as well... Seemed like there was always something going on.

Tuesday my sisters sewage pipe burst and cause quite a mess. So I went and helped her remove carpet. From there I went to my tuesday night game night and didn't get home till after 11pm.

Wednesday We had dinner with our friends Wren and Anthony at the same time Anthony and I racked our mead(Wine derived from honey) didn't get home till after 10pm.

Then Thursday I wen tback over to my sisters, Both hers and my mom's computer would not load up. Well my mom's I was able to fix by restarting the system with the last know good configuration. My sisters on the other hand had gotten a Trojan and mucked up the system, fortunately it wasn't too serious and I was able to successfully remove it from the system

Friday Kristen and I decided to rent videos and go shopping for some stuff, got home around 10 and stayed up until about 2ish

Saturday... Ohh Saturday... Started out quiet enough, but then I decided to get my haircut, do some grocery shopping. I went back to Wren and Anthony's to bottle up our mead. It made about 18 bottles plus some smaller test bottles. And so far it tastes pretty great. Although it tasted better towards the bottom... So I think from now on we rack the mead one more time before we bottle and it will be perfect.

After that we went walking around town lake with a friend of ours Lori, It was fun catching up since I have not seen her in over 5 months. We got back about 9 and watched the movie Enchanted, which I thought was a great movie.

Sunday was quiet and a beautiful day out. Kristen and I went for two walks and watched another movie "Hit Man" which is based on a video game. It was less then what I expected but still an okay movie.

Back to work

Monday, March 31, 2008

The blog that started it all

Well what to say on my first blog... Well its been very Monday like today. Very gray and humid out. My rear passenger window rolling mechanism broke so my window no long rolls up or down. Had a pretty good weekend, started exploring the French language I'd really like to learn both French and Spanish. French would be for fun and Spanish would be more functional especially here in Texas.

I had a weird dream last night possibly as a result to some sub conscious worry I'm not sure.
It took place sometime in the near future. Kristen and I had gotten a new house but Kristen could not work so I had to take a second job as a garbageman to be able to afford the place . I was working with a girl about my age maybe a little younger named Comic which we called her because she was huge comic collector.
We were doing our normal rounds in the downtown area in Austin and Kristen and some friends saw us and came by to say hi. They were on their way to the Paramount to see a movie.
Comic said as they walked away "looks like your friends are having fun with out you."
then there was a cut scene like in a movie to another day and time and I was getting off work and was supposed to meet Kristen at a friends when I got there she was a sleep because she had been exhausted from some water trip in San Antonio. I remember feeling I wanted to be able to go and do things too but I had to work. She would tell me that she didn't feel like she had to stay at home or wait to do things with me.
I vented to Comic about it at work on a few occasions. Comic eventually tried to kiss me.. I woke up with a bit a of a start.

Today I am working on a flash mp3 play to play podcasts on our website at weareteachers I have a few bugs to work out to get it to work with the special circumstances so wish me luck

Well speaking of that I had best be getting back to work.