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The blog that started it all

Well what to say on my first blog... Well its been very Monday like today. Very gray and humid out. My rear passenger window rolling mechanism broke so my window no long rolls up or down. Had a pretty good weekend, started exploring the French language I'd really like to learn both French and Spanish. French would be for fun and Spanish would be more functional especially here in Texas.

I had a weird dream last night possibly as a result to some sub conscious worry I'm not sure.
It took place sometime in the near future. Kristen and I had gotten a new house but Kristen could not work so I had to take a second job as a garbageman to be able to afford the place . I was working with a girl about my age maybe a little younger named Comic which we called her because she was huge comic collector.
We were doing our normal rounds in the downtown area in Austin and Kristen and some friends saw us and came by to say hi. They were on their way to the Paramount to see a movie.
Comic sai…