It's been awhile

Wow, so I have not posted a life update in awhile. Not too many read least not to my knowledge, but one day it might be cool to come back and read these myself. I am sure in doing this I will mike Kristen happy :)

Well let's see a lot has happened since Christmas, I will fill you in on some of the things. The company I work for has received more funding so we are good until August. I tell you, I can't wait until I don't have to worry about whether or not I have a job. On a good note though my work has gotten some attention and I have received good feedback from the CEO and several investors. This feels good and makes all the hard work and long hours I sometimes have to put in worthwhile.

Kristen and I went to see The Watchmen last night. We were supposed to go see it with a group of family and friends on Saturday, but I was talked into going sooner. It was an interesting flick. I would not recommend letting kids see it unless you are okay with them seeing everything in the rated R spectrum. But I like how it tells the story of heroes as it probably would be in real life. There is no real line between good and evil.

I have had some dental work done over the last month... I tell you now if you ever have a teenager who wants to get their tongue pierced tell em you know some who did that and ended up needing over $18,000 in dental work done because of it.. Ouch!

Kristen is 23 weeks this week, the clock is counting down. I feel like we have a lot of work to accomplish in the short time remaining. We start birthing classes March 29th. Everything so far is going well, Kristen still has some sleep issues, but other than that is in great health.

I have been trying to get back into running, but it is tough to keep myself motivated. I don't really know anyone that likes to run as well.

Anyway I think that's enough for now, I don't want to bore anyone too much :)


iolanthe said…
Hey, I miss your blog! Write some more soon!

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