Sick n' tired of being sick n' tired

I have been sick for over a week, even now I still some what blech... I have not been sick in years, usually I will feel the beginning of bring sic but it fades with the day... But this is frustrating, makes me wonder what I am doing wrong that my body would allow itself to become ill.. I thought I have been doing things right. I have been eating better than I have in the past, taking vitamins and working out. Well I haven't worked out for the past week, it takes all I can just to get out of bed.

This is my first real day back at work and my first time out of the house since Thursday night.
I still feel like crap, but I have so much work to do it isn't funny.

Goes to show no matter how immune you think you are something out there will break your defenses.

Well here is another Dream one of three that I had last night:

It was discovered that demons thrived just as humans do here in a dimension parallel to our own. The barrier between the two worlds was thin enough the demons were able to influence ours, I was apart of an elite group called Angel, we found a away to strengthen the barrier between the two dimensions. We found that people in our universe with dark minds and capable of doing bad things, possessed a gate way to the demon world with in their souls. Each year during the equinox we gathered those souls to a central location and cast a ward to close the gateway. I was there to cast the ward I remember seeing into the minds of these people and seeing the demon presence, I felt it fad upon the completion of the ritual. The people were then returned to their homes.

It was short but I thought it interesting enough to post


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